Branding: From Discover to Deliver

At Big, we don’t simply make up your brand, we discover it. We learn all about your customers, how they perceive your brand, and how they move through the process—plus we take a look at the competition landscape. Then, we create the ideal messaging and design for your brand.

You won’t find this at most agencies. A lot of firms do “branding.” But some agencies think an identity is only a new logo. An identity package is important, but branding is more than just a little strategy and design.

With our discovery process, we deliver your brand, sharp and in focus—the truest reflection of who you are. A Hi-Res Brand.

Check out some of our favorite branding projects.

Master Spas

Master Spas

Master Spas was an established company, but it was time for their branding to match their vision with a consistent tone and look. We discovered what made Master Spas special and how they stood out from the competition, while also taking time to understand all their sub brands. With this information, we developed the brand architecture: website, logo and brand guide. In the end, we delivered a consistent and professional brand that defined Master Spas.

Pape's Archery

Pape's Archery

Pape’s had been a strong company for over 70 years, but the competitive market was now overshadowing this family-owned business. Following our discovery process, we updated the logo and brand guide. The company wanted to sell directly to consumers, so we also produced a major retail website update. The existing catalogue had nearly 15,000 SKU numbers, so we used a Shopify platform to customize the site. This new site and rebrand was finished in time for the busy spring season!



Ceramcor, a family-owned ceramic cookware company, had a one-of-a-kind product and a tightknit cache of loyal customers. But they weren’t serving those customers with the right information, and they struggled to connect and communicate with online visitors. To create a smoother e-commerce experience on their website—the only place their products are sold—they needed a strong platform, strategic branding and a smart redesign. Big fired up the burners and helped them develop a fresh expression for their unique brand.

Berne Apparel

Berne Apparel

After more than 90 years in business, this company no longer had a clear definition of who they were, so they lacked a clear brand story. After helping them with a short-term need, we talked to them about discovering their brand so they could gain market share. Big’s research provided Berne Apparel with a clear-cut road map to reaching a target audience who already agrees with the company’s core values – and a strong, successful brand.

Goshen Health

Goshen Health

In order to best serve its neighbors and patients, Goshen Hospital of northern Indiana decided to end its relationship with a respected, well-known research university. This meant a new name and new look. But it also meant building trust with employees and community members. Big partnered with the health system at every step of the transition, to create a brand that was warm and friendly, yet sophisticated and credible—proof that big changes can lead to healthy outcomes.

American Specialty Insurance

American Specialty Insurance

American Specialty Insurance is a sports and entertainment insurance company that covers teams of all sizes—from the Major Leagues to your local Little League. When they turned to Big, they were looking for help with marketing materials and asked us to create an ad campaign. But once we took a look at their existing branding, we suggested they refine their identity and reconsider how they were telling their story. We did get to that ad campaign—eventually. But first, we built ASI a brand that empowered their sales team and shared their customer service story.

Big has a dedication that is rare and valuable.

- Tim MacDonald

Chief Advancement Officer for David C Cook

Big’s presentation was incredible – heavy hitting on a few areas we needed with really great insight.

- Betsy Grindlay

Director of Marketing at Speedway Motors, Inc.

I knew I could get great creative in a timely fashion.

- Mike Motherwell

VP of Marketing and Communications at Solaris Paper Company

Hi-Res Branding Services

Product Branding

From positioning to packaging to promotion, we’ll get your product in front of the people who want it.

New Brand Development

There is no impression like a first impression. Our strategic positioning and thoughtful creative ensure your brand is quickly acknowledged as a market leader.

Brand Structure & Organization

Rapid growth, product diversity, multiple divisions or sub-brands—all of these can dilute the effectiveness of your brand. Big can unify all of these components under a comprehensive branding system.

Brand Overhaul

A brand‘s true personality changes as it matures. If your brand is more than five years old, we can help you stay unique, relevant and on top of your market.

Mergers & Acquisitions

You have joined forces with another brand to create a stronger organization—now what? Big can help you achieve a perfect balance between creating a new brand and maintaining brand equity.

What Does a Hi-Res Brand Do?

See the very real effects when you focus your brand story.

Hi-Res Logos

Check out some visual identities we've designed and sharpened.

Continuity Guides

Your Hi-Res Brand comes with a guide to help you use and apply your brand story. Check out these samples.

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