Under the hood

Take a closer look at any successful brand and you’ll find a lot of moving parts. When those parts are working in sync, the results are powerful. But if parts are broken, or just plain missing, your brand can become a cash-guzzling weakling.

Big Brand Diagnostics identifies the issues that are hurting your brand’s performance and provides a list of the repairs and improvements needed to make you king of the road.


Brand Diagnosis

The Brand Scorecard evaluates the health of your brand. Is your brand identity consistent? Does your brand communicate a clear differentiator? Is there a healthy balance between features and benefits? The Brand Diagnosis will help you build a “Living Brand,” stay relevant and compelling by evolving with changes in customers and the marketplace, while remaining true to your core values.

Digital Diagnosis

The Digital Scorecard provides an overview of your digital presence based on several key criteria. Is the user experience a positive one? Do digital efforts capitalize on opportunities created by mobile devices, video or social media? Is the infrastructure solid and secure? With the average person spending 13-20 hours every week online, the Digital Diagnosis isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

Customer Experience Map

Customer Experience

It’s human nature to want to be seen, heard and feel appreciated.

That’s why fundamentally improving your customer’s experience, can tangibly create a positive impact on your company’s financial performance.

Research shows that exceeding customer expectations and increasing the quality of engagement will result in a measurable increase to your bottom-line.

Think Big

Big Brand Diagnostics is the best way to determine if you are getting everything you can out of your branding and marketing efforts. If you’re ready to jump under the hood with us, call 260-469-4060. We’re ready to get our hands dirty.