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Finally, a place on the website for us to say whatever we want (aka our blog). But this isn’t just us rambling. Our goal is that it’s always fresh and fun and never wastes your time.

It’s the end of the year as we know it

And we feel better than fine!

Every project we work on, big or small, means a lot to us. We’re the kind of nerds that get excited by details like puns in headlines and beautifully designed envelopes. Big isn’t just a marketing agency—we love branding. And it shows. (Seriously, it’s even printed on our walls.) Thankfully this past year gave us tons of opportunities to share that love through storytelling in the form of campaigns, animations, blog posts, videos, social media content, magazines and more.

Believe it or not, snail mail is not just a thing of the past. In the past few months, many of our clients wanted to send their customers, providers or partners strategic and clever mail kits—and we delivered. (Get it?) We worked hard to wrap up each package so creatively and thoughtfully, it would put a big fat smile on the faces of our client’s audience. And we got to do those projects quite a bit this year.

But the virtual world is still thriving—and our digital team had plenty of opportunities to shine this year, too. Through leaving for shoots at four in the morning, writing memorable scripts, adjusting to multiple location changes, conducting heartfelt interviews and pouring endless cups of coffee, we were able to craft videos our clients were truly proud of.

As much as we love the individual projects, it’s even more fun to put all of these little pieces together to make a cohesive campaign. This year especially, we delivered numerous campaigns with messages that we were personally passionate about. Truthfully, we’re our clients’ biggest fans! So it’s always easy to fully support the campaigns that show their hearts.

The best way to show a client’s heart, though, is through something even bigger than a campaign—through updating their entire brand. All of the projects we do are related and fueled by brand, but these full-blown projects are what really get our creative juices flowing. Whether a client came to us simply looking for a little spruce or needing help completely starting over, we welcomed the challenge. A brand is an identity—it’s living. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’re incredibly humbled and honored that so many awesome companies trusted us with their brand over the past 12 months.

And we’re still going strong. Before 2022 has even ended, our clients are reaching out with plans, dreams, questions and assignments for 2023. So, to the amazing people we get to work with—keep it coming! We could not be more grateful for the opportunities you’ve given us this year and we’re even more excited for what’s next.

If you haven’t worked with us yet, consider making Thinking Big your New Year’s resolution. Let’s talk about it!


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