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Get 'em to buy. Keep 'em buying. Get others to Buy

Make the sale. Close the deal. Win the bid. Is that all you or your organization is focused on? If so, then you’re missing a big part of the pie—a pie we call the Influence Loop.

No customer exists in a vacuum. In other words, no one just goes to a store or a website and randomly puts something in their cart and buys it. That’s simply not how humans behave. There are lots of steps that lead to a purchase—and a lot that follow it. Here are the stages you’ll find in the Influence Loop.

  1. Trigger
  2. Zero Moment of Truth
  3. First Moment of Truth
  4. Purchase
  5. Second Moment of Truth
  6. Ultimate Moment of Truth

Each phase is an opportunity to strengthen your brand or a chance for a customer or potential customer to go in another direction.

Want to learn more about the process? Watch our video for a deeper dive.


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