Online games in marketing

Online Games in Marketing

Top 5 reasons to incorporate online games in your marketing

We understand. It can be difficult to convince the powers-that-be that you want to allocate marketing dollars to an online game. But, never fear, here are some solid reasons you can take straight to the top. And look smart in the process.

  1. Fun!

    Provide your customers, followers or prospects some fun. Because games are entertaining and memorable, they can spawn enthusiasm about your brand, product or event in a way that other tactics simply can’t.
  2. Viral marketing

    Let your customers, followers or prospects spread the word about you and your game—for free!
  3. Traffic

    Give people a reason to come to your site, interact with your brand and, in the process, boost your search engine rankings.
  4. Education

    Use games to educate your audience or to hammer home a key message.
  5. ROI

    Track the number of visitors to your game and where they go afterwards. Then make your boss’s day by uttering the name of their favorite game—ROI!

Big’s favorite online games

Over the years, we’ve developed many games for many purposes. Take a look at some of our all-time favorites.

Example 1: Indiana Bankers Association tomato game

Throw Tomato game

Purpose: To enhance trade show presence?Big slapped a shocking message on its Indiana Bankers Association (IBA) trade show booth—“Credit Unions.” (Note: The IBA conference draws banking professionals from independent, community owned banks, not credit unions.) To passersby, we distributed tomato stress balls imprinted with At the microsite, visitors could throw tomatoes at credit union employees, view Big’s online bank portfolio or link to Big’s main site.

Example 2: Meet Me @ 5 shaving game

5 Oclock Shadow game

Purpose: To promote an event When it came time for Big to host the monthly Meet Me @ 5, an after-hours Chamber of Commerce networking event, Big went all out. One of our many tactics included an exclusive microsite, featuring a crazy shaving game at ? It challenged users to see how much of a man’s face they could shave in only 30 seconds—without cutting him!
A footnote: This game won a gold Addy award in the local American Advertising Federation competition.

Example 3: Holiday Pops snowball game?

Holiday Pops game

Purpose: To send holiday cheer Big’s holiday microsite - affectionately dubbed "Holiday Pops" - invited guests to throw snowballs at inflatable Christmas lawn decorations. Through animation, cool sound effects, and lighthearted humor, Big shared some holiday fun while getting its name in front of customers.

Big Race game

Start your engines – and win tickets to the Indy 500!?In honor of the Indy 500, we’ve launched the “Big Race,” a new, high-octane game on our Big Web site. And you’re invited to get in on the fun at

From May 11 to May 20, learn more about our staff, see the race cars they designed and post your best scores on the Big Track. But hurry! The checkered flag will wave at 5 p.m. sharp on Wed., May 20, signaling the end of the competition.

Prizes for the top scorers

Top 10: Limited edition Big Race T-shirt
Insider tip: Certain cars on the Big Track race faster than others. So make sure you get behind the wheel of more than one!